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Timeless & cost effective interior designs, expertly executed

5R Studio is a full-service residential interior design studio providing home styling, decorating and renovation solutions to homeowners and property investors. we pride ourselves in implementing and utilising the sustainable 5R philosophy of modern design by trying to Reduce negative impacts on the environment, health and well-being of our clients without compromising the end result. Wherever possible we endeavour to Reuse and Repurpose sentimental and timeless pieces. Using our design know how we borrow from other design styles and "mix & match" the existing decor that represents the emotional value for clients. Being able to Re-imagine & Redesign the existing layouts and furniture we create functional, comfortable and elegant spaces without compromising the functionality or set budgets. Incorporating 5R principles in our work allows us to create spaces that not only evoke emotions, and reflect our client's taste and style of living but also provide cost-effective solutions.





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