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The wider Waipu district is brimming with entrepreneurial business owners, freelancers, restaurants, cafes, retail shops and tourism spots. It offers all the trades and services a small community needs and has several large industry employers.

Within close proximity to both Auckland and Whangarei, the Waipu business sector continues to develop and adapt with the growing population and changing business landscape.

Traditionally a mainly rural community, Waipu is now a town attracting a diverse array of business people. As the population continues to grow, so does the need for services and amenities.

Waipu has strong horticultural and primary industry businesses as well as a thriving manufacturing sector. The digital economy means there are now many business people calling Waipu home, working from here while delivering their services locally, nationally and internationally.

Promote Waipu exists in part to help promote local businesses and encourage new businesses into Waipu and we’d really love to do business with you too! Find out here what we do and specifically what we could do for each other.

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