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While herbals remedies might seem a bit modern science backs what our grandparents knew - plants are powerful.

Used the right way, they can help the body in its effort to heal itself and keep on track to stay well. This holistic cycle of healing and restoring balance is core to what we do.


Malcolm Harker started us on our journey marrying the art of traditional herbal medicine with the science of evidenced-based herbs.

He used them to heal himself and then shared his tonics with other New Zealanders struggling with health problems.

We've come a long way from Malcolm's days in his shed, weighing herbs and blending every tonic himself. Today all our products are made in a GMP certified facility in the Hawkes Bay and we send them around the world - Kiwis are great at spreading the word!

With Malcolm's passing, we are proud to continue his passion for healing, innovating new ranges formulated by a leading New Zealand herbalist. His modern approach to a traditional art opens the door for the next generation to embrace natural ingredients as the go-to for every day wellness.

Harker Herbal Products

High-strength herbal formulas to get well, and stay well.

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